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“Beevor’s superlative new book . . . Arnhem: Battle For The Bridges sees him return to Stalingrad form. Forensic is too soft a word to describe the breadth of detail he brings. ” Daily Express *****
“In the meticulous narrative style he first employed in Stalingrad, he recreates the operation from the dropping of the first troops on September 17th to the evacuation of the remnants of the British 1st Airborne Division eight days later. . . The outline of the story of “Arnhem” may be familiar, but Sir Antony’s unearthing of neglected sources from all the countries involved—British, American, Polish, Dutch and German—brings to life every aspect of the battle.” The Economist
“It is, in short, a chapter of the Second World War that was crying out for the storytelling talents of Sir Antony Beevor, arguably the finest narrative historian of his generation. This is the result – and his many fans will not be disappointed. . . Beevor’s particular skill is his ability to unearth new sources that articulate the experience of war felt by ordinary people: soldiers and civilians, men and women. . . Beevor has produced another superb book, tirelessly researched and beautifully written, that will long be the benchmark for this subject.” Saul David, The Daily Telegraph
“Antony Beevor’s account is, as you would expect from this master-narrator, completely gripping; the story is played out day by day, sometimes hour by hour, but always with one eye on the strategic thinking (or lack of it) and the key causal factors involved. . . This is a much more rounded account than than any that have appeared so far.” Noel Malcolm, The Sunday Telegraph
“Beevor describes the battle and its aftermath with his customary deep understanding of the human factor – both of the soldiers who risked everything and of the plight of the Dutch civilians.” General Mike Jackson, The Spectator
“Antony Beevor’s magnificent account. . . Beevor’s skill lies in his ability to recreate the tumultuous brutality of battle. . . With stark honesty, Beevor describes the terrible panoply.” Gerard De Groot, The Times
“Another masterwork from the most feted military historian of our time. . . Does the story need to be retold? Beevor is such a good writer, with a gift for clarity and a knack for the telling personal portrait, that the answer is undoubtedly yes.” Jay Elwes, Prospect
“Beevor tells a story that is more human and complex than what he calls “the great myth of heroic failure”, a tale of vanity, hubris, occasional incompetence, human frailty and remarkable grit. . . In Beevor’s hands, Arnhem becomes a study of national character” Ben Macintyre, The Times
“The analysis he has produced of the disaster is forensic. Aficionados of military history will revel in Beevor’s microscopic detail, with every skirmish given its rightful place. . . Beevor’s prodigious research has nevertheless unearthed many treasures, particularly his record of the sufferings of Dutch civilians who risked their necks by nursing wounded allied soldiers.” Giles Milton, The Sunday Times
“Complete mastery of both the story and the sources. The beauty is in the details. . . . This gripping book, with its tightly focused timescale and subject matter, shows him once again at his very best.” Keith Lowe, Literary Review
“Our greatest chronicler of the Second World War . . . The drama of manoeuvre and counter-thrust, the courage and cowardice of soldiers civilian, the follies and vanities of commanders, which are especially rich in this story, are deployed with colour and humanity. His fans will love it” Robert Fox, The Evening Standard
“This absorbing new account of the battle with the eye for telling detail which we have come to expect from Antony Beevor. . . this time, though, he turns his brilliance as a military historian to a subject not just of defeat, but dunderhead stupidity.” Daily Mail
“Antony Beevor is one of the blazing bright and bestselling British historians, who are shaping our perception of World War II. . . a true pleasure to read” Berlingske Tidende *****
“Over the years Beevor has shown himself to be the greatest military historian of our time.” Danmark *****
“The most important military historian today” Niels Frid on DR2 TV
“Beevor has an eminent talent to track down new and unknown sources that bring the events into a fresh light, and on the other hand he is gifted with epic skills that give his books a literary dimension” Steffen Heiberg in Politiken ******
United States
“This is destined to be a World War II military history classic . . . Beevor’s superb latest offering, in keeping with his established record of excellence, is a must-read.” Publishers’ Weekly, starred review
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Antony Beevor: The number one bestselling historian in Britain

Beevor’s books have appeared in thirty-two languages and have sold over seven million copies. A former chairman of the Society of Authors, he has received a number of honorary doctorates. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Kent and an Honorary Fellow of King’s College, London. He was knighted in 2017.

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