24 April 10pm Aus Time

ABC Nightlife with Philip Clark

25 April 5pm

Event at The Bookshop, 22 High Street, East Grinstead

30 April

Fly to Australia

2 May 4.30pm

Sydney Writers’ Festival, ‘Matters of Fact’ debate Carriageworks, Bay 24

3 May

Event at Sydney Writers’ Festival, Sydney Town Hall

6 May

Lecture at The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne

7 May

Fly to Christchurch NZ

17 May

Debate with Rosetta Allan and Joanna Grochowicz

Auckland Writers’ Festival Aotea Centre

18 May

Lecture on Arnhem, Aotea Centre

23 May 12:30pm

In conversation on history with Antonia Fraser

Charleston Festival

27 May 5.30 pm

Hay Festival

With Artemis Cooper, Simon Schama, and Joanna Lumley

30 May

Panel on D-Day at the Royal United Services Institute

6 June

75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, Normandy

22 June 6.30 pm

Wimpole History Festival

Talk on Arnhem

2 July

Speak at the Oldie Lunch, Simpson’s in the Strand

13 July

Deal Festival, lecture at the Astor Theatre

14 September

Lecture for Daily Telegraph tour Arnhem and Oosterbeek

15 September

Airborne Museum Oosterbeek

12 October

Guest of honour at the Norwegian Festival of Norwegian Non-Fiction Literature

1 November

Lecture in Winchester

BBC History Magazine