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Oxford Union – People who shape our world

8th February 2023

Sir Antony Beevor: Great men DO make history

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We have ways of making you talk podcast

3rd February 2023

Today, Al and James are joined by legendary historian Sir Anthony Beevor. They discuss his seminal book on the topic and his extraordinary experience in the Russian archives during the mid-1990s.

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Antony Beevor on the Tragedy of Russia’s Wars

9th November 2022

History as it happens podcast, hosted by award-winning broadcaster Martin Di Caro.

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Interview with Jessica Gedin

27th September 2022

Interview with Jessica Gedin on SVT Play
25 September

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Interview with Leigh Sales – ABC

22nd June 2022

It’s almost 100 days since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in a bid to remove the nation’s political leadership and install a pro-Moscow regime.

Leigh Sales interviews Antony Beevor, a military historian who’s been closely following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. His latest book is Russia: Revolution and Civil War 1917- 1921.

An evening with Sir Antony Beevor

27th May 2022

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