“With devastating command of his subject, Antony Beevor shows how one commander’s hubris destroyed an army. This is not a tale of heroes, although heroes are present. It’s a story about the ugliness of war... No one beats Beevor at recreating the bewildering cacophony of war.” The Times History Book of the Year
“This is a magnificent book . . . like Ian Kershaw, he has an an impressive knack for placing people and events in the overall shift of history.” The Australian
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Antony Beevor: The number one bestselling historian in Britain

Beevor’s books have appeared in thirty-three languages and have sold more than eight million copies. A former chairman of the Society of Authors, he has received a number of honorary doctorates. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Kent and an Honorary Fellow of King’s College, London. He was knighted in 2017.

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Radio New Zealand Interview

8th April 2019

Listen to Antony giving an interview with the Sunday Morning show on Radio New Zealand. Here he discusses what he’s learnt about conflict and wars as well as his appearance at the Auckland for the Writers Festival in May.

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