22 May 11:00

RTE Radio Sean O’Rourke

22 May 18:30

History Hit with Dan Snow at the National Army Museum

23 May 11.00-13.00

Signing at the Imperial War Museum

23 May 19:30

Charleston Writers’ Festival

24 May 18:30

Norwich, talk at Jarrolds

26 May 15.00

Monocle FM at Hay

Georgina Godwin Meet the Writers

26 May 13:00

Hay Festival talk

27 May 10.00

Start The Week

BBC Radio 4 recording with Andrew Marr in the BBC Tent at the Hay Festival. To be broadcast the next day.

30 May 18:45

lecture at the Emmanuel Centre

Marsham Street London with ‘How To Academy’.

4–7 June

Lecturing in Berlin

12 June 19:00

Talk on Arnhem in aid of Combat Stress St Edward’s School, Oxford

13 June 19:00

Talk Daunt’s bookshop Marylebone High Street

14 June 20.00

Talk at Topping’s Bookshop St Andrews

15 June

Talk at Royal Concert Halls Glasgow

Organised by Waterstone’s

16 June 13.30

Talk at Borders Festival

19 June 12.30

Literary lunch at Lythan St Anne’s

21 June 19.30

Talk at Alleyn’s School SE22 8SU

Village Books Dulwich

27 June 20.00

Talk at Topping’s bookshop Bath

30 June 15.00

Talk Chalke Valley History Festival

12 August 15:15

Talk Edinburgh Festival

26 August

Lecture in Paris

14 September

Lecture in Arnhem for Daily Telegraph

21 September

Talk at Hay Festival Segovia

29 September

Talk at Cliveden Festival

5 October

Event at Cheltenham Festival

16 October 12.00

Oldie Literary Lunch


11 November 15.00

Talk at Bridport Festival

21 November

To Canada for North American Tour

26 November 12.00

National Churchill Library and Center

George Washington University

26 November 19.00

Politics and Prose Talk

5015 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20008

28–30 November

World War II Museum conference opening keynote New Orleans

28–31 January

January Rancho Mirage Festival, California