“Beevor’s account of this savage war is a tour de force.” Orlando Figes, Sunday Telegraph
“At times, it felt as if I was reading a classical epic drama of the scope of War and Peace...” Vitali Vitaliev, Guardian
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In October 1942, a Panzer officer wrote ‘Stalingrad is no longer a town… Animals flee this hell; the hardest stones cannot bear it for long; only men endure’.

The battle for Stalingrad became the focus of Hitler and Stalin’s determination to win the gruesome, vicious war on the eastern front. The citizens of Stalingrad endured unimaginable hardship; the battle, with fierce hand-to-hand fighting in each room of each building, was brutally destructive to both armies. But the eventual victory of the Red Army, and the failure of Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa, was the first defeat of Hitler’s territorial ambitions in Europe, and the start of his decline.

An extraordinary story of tactical genius, civilian bravery and the nature of war itself, which changed how history is written, Stalingrad is a testament to the vital role of the Soviet war effort.

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“Antony Beevor’s Stalingrad is a superb retelling of the saga. Beevor combines a soldier’s understanding of war’s realities with the narrative technique of a novelist. He has made impressive use of the German and Russian military archives – not just to uncover new evidence on the atrocities committed by both sides but also to bring out, in all its terrifying aspects, the human experience of the war by citing soldiers’ letters and diaries, personal accounts and oral testimonies of civilians. This is a book that lets the reader look into the face of battle. . . Beevor’s account of this savage war is a tour de force.” Orlando Figes, Sunday Telegraph
“The narrative of Stalingrad is captivating, even for someone like myself who takes little interest in military matters. At times, it felt as if I was reading a classical epic drama of the scope of War and Peace. . . Beevor has skilfully incorporated into the book thousands of sparkling details. One is tempted to forget that these are not Tolstoyan literary metaphors, but painstakingly selected facts from eyewitness accounts, soldiers’ letters and other archival documents. . . Jingoistic statues never pay a proper tribute to the dead, but honest books, like this one, certainly do.” Vitali Vitaliev, Guardian
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